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Solar Panel Cleaning

At TT Property Services we use a professional DI System to clean Solar Panels, to increase the energy output and lifespan of the panels. Using soaps, detergents and chemicals to clean your Solar Panels can cause long-term damage to your solar panels, as well as run into your rainwater tanks that hold your drinking water.

We have extension poles to assist with reaching those that may be in a hard to reach area. We are trained in Working at Heights and have all necessary safety equipment for our personnel.

We offer discounts for large number of panels – contact us today to discuss your requirements. Book in for regular cleans, determined by your location/environment, to receive a return customer discount.

Rain won’t clean your solar panels, just as rain won’t clean your car!!

We offer Solar Panel cleaning to Domestic and Commercial clients of the Barossa Valley and Surrounds.

Why should you have your Solar Panels cleaned?

  • Increase the energy efficiency
  • Get the best possible return from your investment
  • Maintained solar panels have a better lifespan
  • Dirty panels can lose up to 30% of their efficiency
  • To ensure your warranty is not voided
  • To minimise the risk of corrosion to the panel